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Ginjan Bros

Rahim & Mohammed Diallo

An NYC based drinks company that develops and markets traditional African beverages. Their first product offering is “Ginjan”, a popular West African drink made with all-organic fresh ginger, cold-pressed pineapples, fresh lemons, vanilla, anise extracts, and organic cane sugar.

Watt & Flux

Stacie Alexiou

An LED Inspire company that helps high profile clients achieve maximum operational savings impact through thorough refined analysis and creative strategies that effectively team equipment and workmanship to outperform their warranties.

Duro UAS

Gabriel Foreman

Develops marine drone systems and components to collect data for the growing Ocean Economy, including environmental research and monitoring, aquaculture, mariculture, maritime inspection, and marine bio prospecting.


Annabelle Santos

Spadet uses a 19th century process to manufacture pure, safe and sustainable products for the skin, body and hair using locally sourced extra virgin olive oil, and converting it into pure and hypoallergenic soaps, shampoos and creams.


Tinia Pina

A leading developer of innovative, plant-based and animal-free agricultural technologies sourced from verified, unrecoverable vegetative waste streams. They apply organic cycling science to soilless farms so that they can operate more efficient, closed-loop food production environments, benefitting from many of the same aspects of growing organically in a soil environment.

Sustainable Snacks

Rebecca Scott

A Bronx-based natural foods company committed to promoting public health through better snacking. They craft snacks with bold flavors and unique textures from 100% plant-based ingredients. Their flagship line of Morsels are gluten-free, vegan and paleo-friendly dark chocolate clusters packed with plant-based protein, Omega-3s and fiber.

NoLogo Backpacks

Noel Gaskin

Offers students, street cyclists and pedestrians a new alignment between fashion and technology: what is known as wearable technology.

The Lit.Bar

Noelle Santos

The only indie bookstore in the Bronx, whose mission is to create a haven that inspires reading, and increases intellectual visibility in the Bronx.

Mott Haven Bar & Grill

Rosa Garcia

A gastropub in the Bronx that is also used as a platform for artists and regularly hosts women empowerment and information sessions showcasing what the Bronx has to offer.

UX Gofer

Jacqueline Stetson

A user research platform that empowers startups and enterprises to create innovative experiences for their customers. Make better design decisions by incorporating live user feedback through their guided usability tests.


D Marie Thompson

A real-time healthcare staffing platform that directly connects vetted nurses with the people who need them. MyRA removed the middlemen, so nurses receive a higher rate of pay while being in control of their work schedule

SOP Technologies

Emilio Lopez

The company provides technologies to prevent ocean pollution, prevent floods, and provide cost savings to communities and businesses around the world. The SOP Technologies Adopt-a-Drain program allows government agencies, nonprofits and community members to prevent pollution and quantify the types and quantities of pollutants entering local stormwater systems.

Major Marketplace

Leyanis Diaz

An online marketplace and community for minority businesses and those who want to support them. They curate local and international products and services made by passionate creators and bridge conscious consumers and corporations to minority businesses in a major way. They work alongside minority businesses to help them start, grow, scale and qualify for opportunities.

CourtBuddy, now LawChamps

James & Kristina Jones

An automated legal services matching system that pairs small businesses with attorneys. They advocate for access to justice, social and legal reform who connect and protect people by simultaneously matching them with top lawyers as needed, on-demand to protect who and what matters most.

Statlab Mobile

Cheveral Deacon

A complete mobile medical laboratory with the capabilities to test blood and urine samples at any location. The company’s goal is to provide quality blood testing for the insured and the uninsured at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Pierce Plan

Kelly Pierce

The first web-based platform to integrate with high school student information systems so coaches, athletes, parents, counselors, and athletic directors have an automated, reliable, and proactive solution to track academic eligibility requirements to play in college. Additionally, college coaches can access verified grades, transcripts, and test scores in real time to help facilitate the recruiting process.


Krystal Zheng

A technology company that focuses on creating future AR and VR real life gamification experiences. With strong location based service apps, ARVISL Future, will provide Cost Per Traffic™ marketing metrics for real physical foot traffic.


Christa Tawil

A conscious-driven enterprise whose mission is to help women from Syria resettle in South Florida by creating permanent gainful employment for them. By producing delicious packaged foods and catering services from the Middle East, they aim to bridge the cultural divide that exists through food.


Sha'Keia Kegler

A business-to-government marketplace designed to increase transparency, accessibility and simplify how small and diverse businesses sell to state and local governments.


Alain Fernandez

Provides a free health and wellness marketplace where self-pay patients find pre-screened doctors offering services like dental cleaning, doctor visits, urgent care, acupuncture, and massage therapy, all at discounted prices up to 80% off retail. Doctors can be found based on their years of experience, convenience and patient reviews.


Lawrence Chen

A platform that gives students, professionals, and individuals a place to test-drive their future and share knowledge, helping people make more informed career decisions.

Film Connx, now Productions.com

Carolyn Pitt

A movement for simplifying and diversifying hiring within the production community. This unique platform make them the go-to for sourcing talented, local crew members.

Totem Agency

Ashley Richardson

A visual content platform that combines digital development, management tools, and platform network integrations for a seamless content creation experience.

Charleston's Elite Event Planning

Terrence Freeman

Charleston’s Elite Event Planning LLC is a Southern event and catering company combining nostalgia with Southern fusion of cultured flavors.

Gaddis Gaming

Lee Gaddies

Specializes in manufacturing tabletop game related products to promote social game playing experiences.


Sumeet Chhawri & Ali Berjaoui

Facilitates peer-to-peer transactions in the online marketplace in a safe and convenient way through automated kiosks and lockers that process digital payments.


Malik Jackson

A clean water solution firm that focuses on creating innovative ways to supply clean water to those who are in need, no matter the situation.


David Gibson

Sportsmarkit's platform makes the work of operating and supporting your favorite sports programs easier. They are the most flexible and scalable tool for sports programs that want to better organize, share and administer.

MoJoe Brewing

Joseph Hyman

Their soon-to-be launched Mojoe™ mobile brewer is a rechargeable travel mug-sized portable coffee maker that brews fresh coffee and tea on the go via car outlet, or wall socket.

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