What We Do

Envolve believes that through diversification of opportunities and greater access to resources for entrepreneurs, we can eradicate barriers in underserved communities, revitalize them, and bring people together to induce change. The entrepreneurs and small business owners within our network are deeply ingrained in their community fabrics. Our connection to them is a connection to community, and our programming reflects those holistic needs within our impact regions. 

Our approach is two pronged and is supported by our 3 pillars of programming. 

We work at the macro level to advocate for diverse voices and experiences to be heard and considered by those who influence policy and norms. 

We work on the community level to help close the opportunity and access gaps for individual entrepreneurs and empower them to be a driving force for change in their communities. At the crux of this is fostering founder to founder connections and networks of mutual peer learning and support. 

Our Pillars

We promote learning and provide thought leadership on issues related to entrepreneurship and small business ownership.

We provide tangible tools and resources for entrepreneurs to help start, scale, sustain, and operate their businesses.

We work to ensure that diverse voices and experiences are at the forefront of policymaking by facilitating conversations between policymakers and diverse entrepreneurs, so that policymaking is more informed. 

Our Impact

$444,000+ funding deployed

3 Award Cycles

3,000+ entrepreneurs engaged

8 areas of impact

20+ Congressional offices engaged

55 Startups and B-Corps funded

Our Mission

Envolve USA works with underrepresented founders to build a community and platform that advances equity and access in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Why We Do What We Do

A large segment of America’s entrepreneurs and business owners lack adequate and equitable access to the resources to start or scale their ventures. 

Envolve focuses on closing the opportunity gap for these underrepresented entrepreneurs in underserved communities. Research shows that in particular, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and female entrepreneurs are systematically underrepresented, underfunded, and under-considered. 

While the entrepreneurial landscape is diverse, the allocation of resources is not. 

Our Vision

Envolve strives to contribute to rebuilding and reshaping the entrepreneurship landscape into one that reflects the wealth of diversity that is the cornerstone of America’s identity. Our efforts are centered around community, equity, and uplifting the voices that have been left out for too long. 

Alongside our partners and friends we are working to build new networks of support and we insist that our entrepreneurs be the driving force behind this movement. The entrepreneurs we work with are not only looking for the next big idea; they’re inspired by the communities they are a part of to solve the challenges they see. 

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are the ones who respond directly to the needs of their community, whether that’s finding local solutions to combat the effects of climate change or providing healthy food options. At the core of entrepreneurship is creative problem solving. Every day we see entrepreneurs creating pathways to their dreams and positive change in their communities.