Entrepreneur to Policymaker Connections for Real Impact

On February 12, 2020, in partnership with AnitaB.org, we organized a roundtable discussion, hosted at the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, with the goal of opening a dialogue between policymakers and founders on key issues entrepreneurs across the country are facing. In addition to senior policymakers and small business founders, the 40+ participants at the roundtable included influencers who focus on entrepreneurship and business cultivation, representing Rise of the Rest, Black Girl Ventures, NextGen Chamber of Commerce, Generation Titans, Bose Public Affairs Group, and Georgia State University’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute. 

The roundtable discussion served as a stage for a diverse range of opinions, thoughts, and reflections on the challenges of small business startup and ownership, particularly from the point of view of female and minority founders, and those in traditionally underserved communities. 

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On Friday, April 16th, we hosted a Small Business Policy Day for entrepreneurs to hear from Senate staff about current Covid relief measures and upcoming legislation targeting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We were fortunate to host representatives from Senator Ben Cardin (MD) and Senator Chris Coon’s (DE) offices to discuss the 2021 American Rescue Plan Act and Next Generation Entrepreneurship Corps Act.

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Envolve works to advance equity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem through advocacy. We define this as ensuring that diverse voices and experiences are at the forefront of policymaking. We do not promote specific policies, but rather help facilitate conversations between policymakers and diverse entrepreneurs, so that policymaking is more informed and better serves its constituents.