Closing the Opportunity Gap for Underrepresented Founders

Envolve USA works with underrepresented founders to build a community and platform that advances equity and access in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

A large segment of America’s entrepreneurs and business owners lack adequate and equitable access to the resources to start or scale their ventures.

Envolve Entrepreneurship focuses on closing the opportunity gap for these underrepresented entrepreneurs in underserved communities. Research shows that in particular, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and female entrepreneurs are systematically underrepresented, underfunded, and under-considered.

Meet our Entrepreneurs

Rebecca Scott – Sustainable Snacks
“Food is so much more than nutrition, its culture, its heritage, its communion…increasing access and redefining healthy food, ensuring that it’s culturally appropriate and accessible is my true passion.”
Rahim & Mohammed Diallo – Ginjan Bros
 “The best way to change minds and hearts are through the things that are not quantifiable. It’s the food, drink, culture, and music, and creating a community around that. It’s an opportunity to educate someone.”
Lee Gaddies – Gaddis Gaming
“I created this business in order to create jobs in an area where people are looking for work and want to work. And there just aren’t enough jobs to go around, and it has decimated the community.”

Our Impact

$444,000+ funding deployed

3 Award Cycles

3,000+ entrepreneurs engaged

8 areas of impact

20+ Congressional offices engaged

55 Startups and B-Corps funded

The award from Envolve provided much needed capital to launch my business. I see the monetary component, however, as only part of the award. The support of Envolve's team and their tireless work to support and connect us is truly priceless. I am supremely grateful to be part of the Envolve community.

Envolve has allowed me to expand my business in a way of being able to finance my product line and give me exposure and credibility. Even the post up on the Envolve website about winning the Award last year was a big boost, and a big morale boost for everyone who is working on this with me.

The community that Envolve has built is incredible - it is inspiring to know other entrepreneurs of color who are building incredible companies and it is an honor to cheer them on.

With the award, I was able to bring more credibility and legitimacy to what I was trying to do, and it allowed me to use that momentum to gain access, help, and most importantly a lot of valuable educational experiences.


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